Fleur De Lis

Austin Girl
Blood On A Rose
Do The Math
Rainy Day Man

Don’t You Cry
Cora Lee
It’s Gonna Be Okay
Never Leave Again
You’re Perfect For Me
Fleur De Lis
If I Die In A Nuclear War
I Couldn’t Say More
Another Angel
Let’s Go Out Drinkin’
Walking With My Shoes Untied
Now You’re Gone
Love You To The Bone

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Jeff Berkley at Berkley Sound, San Diego, CA
Mastered By Gavin Lurssen at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA

All Songs ©2014 Dead Horse Music (BMI) except:
“Guinnevere” ©1969 Stay Straight Music (BMI)
“Tumbleweed” ©2014 Night River Publishing (ASCAP)
“Let’s Go Out Drinkin'” Dead Horse Music (BMI)/Lemonade & Whiskey Musich (SESAC)/I’ll Take The Soup Music (SESAC)
“Never Leave Again” Dead Horse Music (BMI)/Kick Chick Music (SESAC)
“Now You’re Gone” Dead Horse Music (BMI)/upaya music (SESAC)

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Little Boxes
Hocus Pocus
My Name is Sam
I Still Dream in California
Barn Sour Horses
The Magic Is
Up the River
No Place Like Home
Stay Away a Little Closer
Bad Day
Not My Heart
All of These Walls

© 2011 Berkley Hart

Produced, recorded & mixed by Jeff Berkley
Drum tracks recorded by Jon Edwards and Jeff Berkley
All tracks recorded at Berkley Sound, San Diego, Ca. except grand piano recorded by Kellogg Boynton at Studio West, Rancho Bernardo, Ca.

All songs copyright 2011 Dead Horse Music (BMI), except “Little Boxes”, copyright 1962 Schroder Music Company (ASCAP). Renewed 1990. Used by permission.

Calman & Jeff would like to thank Lizzie Wann for the sweat and spirit it takes to keep Berkley Hart moving forward

Calman would like to thank his family, Becky, Miranda & Charlie, for giving him raison d’etre.

Jeff would like to thank Dakota Crow

Pocket Change

Waking Up With You
Lay Me Down
Jaguar Sun
For Lillian
Pocket Change
Six Feet Down
Little League
Maybe I Was Wrong
Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
Two Small Birds

This recording was not “produced” by anyone, but it was:

Recorded By Ben Moore
Mixed by Ben Moore & Jeff Berkley
Recorded & Mixed at Audio Design, San Diego, Ca.
Mastered By Gavin Lurssen @ The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, Ca.

All Songs ©2005 Dead Horse Music (BMI) except “Six Feet Down” ©2005 Dead Horse Music (BMI)/ Duck Blind Publishing (BMI) and “Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?” ©;1988 Dizzy Heights Music Pub Ltd./Rare Blue Music, Inc (ASCAP)/Theobalds Music Inc (ASCAP)

Special thanks to: Becky, Miranda & Charlie Hart; Dakota Berkley; Lizzie Wann; Ben Moore & Rebecca Tabatzky; Jeff Kelley at Audio Design Recording; David Beldock for loan of the rustic banjo; Gregory Page for loan of his great collection of guitars; Jason Schooler and John Reis for the vibey old recording gear; Rob Garbowski; Judy “The Beauty” & Jeff at The Big Kitchen; and Gavin, Leah & John at The Mastering Lab.

Berkley Hart appear courtesy of their moms, Rebecca deMacarty and Joyce Warren.

O Berkley, Where Hart Thou?

O Death
I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow
I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome
I Been to Georgia on a Fast Train
The Ballad of Kate Morgan
Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby
Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues
911 Jesus
Java Joe’s Story
Big Bad Barbie Doll
Tear My Stillhouse Down
Love Made Me Drunk
I Am Weary
Keep on the Sunny Side
In the Jailhouse Now
You Are My Sunshine

© 2005 Berkley Hart

Something To Fall Back On

Come On In
Something to Fall Back On
Red Eyed & Blue
Baby Won’t You Let It Go
Lonely Town
Old Gray Deadhead
Desert Rose
Life Won’t Wait
This Road Don’t Go Nowhere
Woody Guthrie Knew
Up on Cripple Creek
My, My, My

© 2002 PSB Records

Produced by Ben Moore & Berkley Hart

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Moore

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“Longtime fans will enjoy the same warm harmonies, and top-notch songwriting that have been staples of the duo since its inception…played on electric guitars and bolstered by an ace group.” — The San Diego Union Tribune, Sept. 26, 2002.

Wreck ‘N Sow

Wake Up Charlie
Sink or Swim
High School Town
911 Jesus
Achin’ Feelin’
Helluva Highway
Lay Down Sunshine
Runnin’ For The Texas Line
Blue Morning Moon
Before Today
Elvis Einstein
Barrel of Rain
Dakota Sunrise

© 2000 Stoneground Records

Produced by Marti Amado & Berkley Hart

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Moore

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